Top 5 Things Parents Should Know Before Considering Braces for Their Child

There is a lot to consider when considering braces for your child, especially since it is a good investment!

This can include age, financials, location, and much more. Tilghman Orthodontics is here to help you and your child be prepared for braces.


It is known that Orthodontists recommend bringing your child to see an orthodontist around age seven. Parents should take their children’s dental health seriously as soon as possible. Children can start seeing a pediatric dentist as young as babies and their dentist can refer you to orthodontists when they think the time is right, which is helpful and can prevent a plethora of problems later on in life.

Consider Location

Your child has to see their orthodontist during treatment for checkups every month-two months, depending on how often their orthodontist recommends. However, some problems can arise during treatment, such as a bracket popping off or breaking. Therefore, it is crucial to consider what location works best and is most convenient for you to take your child for last-minute appointments when problems occur. Consider how far you are willing to drive to go out of your way to take your child to see their orthodontist or which location is most convenient between home and wherever you go daily, maybe you can pop in for appointments in between school, home, and your office.


Braces can be expensive, especially considering which types of braces you want your child to have, which type the orthodontist recommends, location, length of treatment, and other factors. Most ask for a down payment and monthly payments from a year to two years or longer depending on the length of treatment. And each orthodontist has its treatment price. Some might include You can talk to your child’s pediatric dentist about what they see is average and a good rate.

Do Your Research

This also cannot be stressed enough! Do your research by going online and reading general information about orthodontists and what kind of orthodontic problems your child has. Listen and take notes of what your child’s pediatric dentist has to say and recommend. After considering the location of where you want to take your child to see an orthodontist, look into what orthodontists are in that area. Research different types of braces, and If you want your child to have Invisalign, look into which orthodontists are Invisalign certified. Read the reviews of your child’s pediatric dentist referral and read reviews of other orthodontists you look into. You can ask your friends for referrals from friends who might have older children who had braces and had a pleasant experience with their orthodontist.

Shop Around

This also cannot be stressed enough! It is one thing to do your research, but going in to meet the orthodontist, meet their staff, and seeing their office is another thing. Do not settle for just scheduling a consultation for just one orthodontist and sticking with that one. Shopping around and scheduling several orthodontists consultations is crucial to consider what each orthodontist recommends, what you think the outcome will be with their recommended treatment plan, how comfortable you are with that orthodontist and their staff, treatment length, treatment prices, their location, and several other factors that are important to you. You will not regret meeting several orthodontists, taking time to digest the information, and being confident with which orthodontist you want to entrust your child’s dental health with.

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